48 of the nation’s college and university presidents condemn the EO:
48 American college and university presidents today sent a letter to President Trump urging him to “rectify or rescind the recent EO

164 of the nation’s leading scientific, engineering and academic organizations condemn the EO:
Leading Scientific Groups Urge Trump to Rescind Immigration Order

Northwestern University Faculty Senate’s endorsement:
Resolution endorsing petition of Academics against Immigration Executive Order

American Sociological Association’s endorsement:
Statement of the American Sociological Association concerning the new administration’s recent and future activities

American Mathematical Society endorses the petition:
AMS Board of Trustees Opposes Executive Order on Immigration

American Statistical Association’s endorsement:
AMS Board of Trustees Opposes Executive Order on Immigration

Thousands of Academics Sign Petition Against Trump’s Immigration Order

The Wall Street Journal:
Campuses Checking On International Students, Faculty After Trump Order

Washington Post:
How Trump’s travel ban could hurt science

Trump’s immigration ban stranded a scientist with no job and no home

Huffington Post:
Trump’s Anti-Muslim Order Could Have ‘Chilling’ Effect On Science

Trump’s immigration ban is already having a chilling effect on science

Science Magazine:
Scientists’ lives upended by Trump’s immigration order

Scientific American:
Top Academics Lash Out at Trump’s ‘Un-American’ Immigration Order

Meet the scientists affected by Trump’s immigration ban

The New York Times:
Trump’s Immigration Ban Draws Disapproval and Applause

STAT News:
Top academics lash out at Trump’s ‘un-American’ immigration ban

Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Already Harming American Science

Donald Trump’s refugee Executive Order protested by13 Nobel Laureates and thousands of academics

Thousands of academics sign letter opposing Trump’s travel ban

BBC World News: 
Trump executive order prompts Google to recall staff

The Guardian: 
Twelve nobel laureates are among thousands of signatories to a petition calling on Trump to renounce the ban on refugees

Washington Post:
Twelve Nobel laureates, thousands of academics sign protest of Trump immigration orde